The 5 Year Production Wrapped Up!


Context, in life, is everything. So to really explain why the production of The 5 Year was so special, one only need to look at how rough the production of The Last Beautiful Girl was. While I’m very proud of the movie, it was not easy to make. Logistics and egos at many levels made the movie a grind, one so much that I almost stopped making films. When we set out to make this one, it was with the intent to make something that is keeping with the core values of our company, reignite my filmmaking fire and be a great experience for all.

Going forward, I was deliberate in selecting a team of actors and crew that were talented, but almost as important, bought into the family vibe we’ve nourished since Twitchy Dolphin’s inception. We picked actors we’ve worked with before combined with actors from the festival circuit because we knew they’d support the film. We also wanted to roll a smaller set of actors than normal in an enclosed location and build a lot of natural momentum for the movie. Finally, we went with a small 5 man crew to keep crew continuity high, even if meant more work.

The result was the best on set experience of my career. Without a doubt. In what turned out to be a hotter than normal July, the team toiled in the heat, trying to make the best movie we could. What followed some of the best acting we’ve had to date was a set full of unity and family. Cooking dinner together, midnight swims, drinks at the Gnarly Gar. i would take a step back and look at them becoming a team with so much pride.

So much about this shoot humbled me and reminded me why I did this. Friends who traveled for scenes that were short, but important (Jason, Janet, Eric) to all the people who threw hard money in to help fund the move to the general sadness on the last day and the wrap party because it was over. Andy Bertelsen writing an amazing song for the movie.

I feel confident we made a good movie that some people will dig. I also feel confident that it was a professional experience that rarely felt like actual work. Context is everything and you want a film that allows you to work and play hard. In this game of indie film, sometimes the experience is the reward. This is how movies should be made and I promise to not take these experiences for granted again.

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