Mike Donis is “Pierce”

1)  What led you to acting and why film?
My background came from behind the camera, and through a series of unique circumstances I found myself acting in a short film, which turned into a web series, which turned into a feature – and after realizing I fell in love with acting as well, I’ve been pursuing it ever since.

2)  What actors inspire you?
I’ve always been moved and impressed by Robert Duvall. Nobody in the world plays a pained man better than him. He is so completely and honestly sensitive.

3)  Why did you decide to do The 5 Year?
I signed on 100% before I even finished reading the script. I was about 20 pages in and decided that there was no way on earth I wasn’t going to be a part of this movie. I’m very honoured to be included in such a great project.
4)  Top 10 movies of all time?
In no order:
Star Wars
The Godfather
The Lion King
When Harry Met Sally
Tender Mercies
Back To The Future
Blazing Saddles
Raiders of the Lost Ark