Derek Babb is “Ben”

Why did you go into acting and why film?  I was cast in “The Music Man” as Winthrop when I was 6 years old and fell in love with the performance aspect of acting.  It turned into an incredible emotional outlet for me and I’ve never looked back.
I still love theatre, but haven’t had the opportunity to do much in a while.  I prefer film as a medium (as an actor) because nothing has to be extended to reach an audience that is 45 feet away…you can exist in the moment as the character without having to worry whether someone in the back of the theatre will see what’s happening.
What actors inspire you?  Probably most inspired by Daniel Day Lewis.  I also thoroughly enjoy watching Christian Bale do character work along with Tom Hardy.  Cillian Murphy is incredible, and if I’m going to actors in the past, Marlon Brando is a killer, even if he was supposedly not the easiest to work with.
Why did you decide to do The 5 Year?  I decided to do “The 5 Year” because I love Twitchy Dolphin Flix and their films.  Also, the writing…whoever their writer is deserves a high five ;).
Top 10 Movies
The Godfather Pt1
There Will Be Blood
Moonrise Kingdom
The Usual Suspects
Life Aquatic
Reservoir Dogs
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Big Lebowski